published in May 2017


Now in its sixth year of publication, the PLANADVISER Defined Contribution Investment Only (DCIO) Survey continues its trend of finding a steady increase in DC plan assets among the survey’s 41 participating providers.

published in August 2016

2016 PLANADVISER Recordkeeper Services Guide

Retirement plan advisers may often find themselves in the role of matchmaker: working with a defined contribution (DC) client to determine which investments and platforms or providers are the best fit. To be in a top position to guide the client, an adviser must keep abreast of the provider community, so as to stay current on what products and services are available to suit each client’s needs.

published in October 2015

The 2015 Retirement Plan Adviser Survey

Arguably, retirement plan advisers have a better—or at least a more comparative—perspective than their plan sponsor clients about the relative strength of products and services offered by investment and recordkeeping providers. After all, advisers can—and usually do—work with many of them concurrently. The 2015 Retirement Plan Adviser Survey, our eighth, endeavors to gain insight from the adviser community about how providers and funds are selected, and which are the favorites each year.

published in June 2015

2015 DCIO Survey

Each year since this survey’s inception in 2012, investment managers have reported increased asset levels in their Defined Contribution Investment Only (DCIO) businesses. Although the names of the firms participating in the survey have changed somewhat, we can report that the 37 managers on this year’s list enjoyed a nearly $230 billion (8%) increase in DCIO assets from year-end 2013 to year-end 2014, and a $63 billion (2%) increase in just the three months between 12/31/2014 and 3/31/2015.

published in February 2014

2014 Micro Plan Survey

Micro plans have unique plan design characteristics—and challenges2013 PLANADVISER Micro Plan Survey

published in August 2013

2013 DCIO Survey

When it comes to DCIO providers, investment performance is not the only aspect to consider

published in February 2013

2013 Micro Plan Survey

As small businesses are the main employer of Americans, so are micro plans—those holding less than $5 million in assets—the most common retirement plan size. 

published in December 2008

2008 Recordkeeping Survey - What Provider To Work With

Retirement plan advisers play an integral role in many providers' delivery systems, but while some providers do both adviser-sold and direct-sold business, others do no business through intermediaries.